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Who is responsible for Gambia's mass killings?


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Essa Bokarr Sey:"Wherever there are freedom fighters there is no freedom"       

Breaking News: Gambia: All Opposition Parties, Including Isatou Touray Agree For A Convention, But GDCs Mama Kandeh Disagrees

Gambia: Opposition Leaders Under Pressure To Forge Unity Ahead Of December Polls

 Breaking News:Gambia: Ousman Sonko: Jammeh's one-man killing machine

EU Delegation Ends Visit To The Gambia, Warns Sanctions Are An Option

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A group of opposition parties in The Gambia, have signed a document that would avail the opposition to organize a convention—with the view of identifying a Presidential candidate to challenge incumbent dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper...

As Gambian opposition leaders are edging towards forming a united front against President Yahya Jammeh come Dec. 2016, calls for unity are coming from various corners urging them to bury their differences and put Gambia first. An avalanche of reactions...

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H.E. Attila LAJOS the European Union ambassador and head of delegation to the Gambia, said that the press must be free from state interference adding that a critical independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy...

A former navy chief of Guinea-Bissau who was arrested three years ago in a U.S. drug sting off the West African coast was sentenced on Tuesday to four years in prison, most of which he has already served, for conspiring to facilitate the shipment of cocaine to the United States...

Some Of Yahya Jammehs Crimes against Gambians & Africans