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Askani Senegambia United, Inseparable & Indivisible

Unity is the central core, a word that needs to be uttered most frquently on a daily basis in every language within the African continent and the world at large. Inspired by the United States of America, a union of many states that was able to look beyond their differences of opinion and concentrates on their common humanity, interests, objectives, goals and the common good of each and every citizen.

This unity inspired the European Union which in turn inspired the the African Union. Each and every time a union is made, a geographical barrier is removed, the smaller the world becomes. This notion of union was in fact what further inspired West Africa to form the union of "Economic Communities of West African States known as ECOWAS" further more reducing and eliminatinating the barriers and boundaries within the West African region.

Seeing all these geographical boundaries disappearing, has a special meaning to both Senegal and Gambia. The question that remains to be asked is when will these two countries return back to the original state of union it once enjoyed? This is the question that remains to be asked and this is the question that must be asked.

Like many nations that came before us, they realise that peace cannot be achieved without unity. Too often the call to unity falls on deaf years ignored by the same people who are in charge for whatever reasons. Askani Senegambia believes that, we are the generation that must respond to the call of one Senegambia and one people. This is our vision and the principle guiding our aspirations.

Askani Senegambia, believes that with the emergence of social medias, there is a good oppurtunity to help pave this way. This is why Askani Senegambia would endeavour to serve as a forum for the interests of one Senegambia, one people and one nation.