5 Kitchen Tips To Make Your Cooking Easier

UPDATED: February 17, 2018

Are you too tired to move around the kitchen because of the hassle? Too caught up with the messy things because of the cooking aftermath? Get more structured with suggestions for how to organize the kitchen cabinets in areas and how to keep your tools useful at all times. There are guidelines on how to choose the right bins, how to save space when you’re entertaining (clue: it includes canny use of a dessert stand) and how to eliminate persistent brands from glass jugs. Learn how to turn a rectangle dessert tin to a round tin and still opt for the right size and see how to use a lemon to clean – it really does work wonders.

Self-cleaning appliances

Writing down what you want to eat for the week guarantees that you have the components on hand when it comes to meal time. It also reduces that stress of thinking what in the world you’re going to eat for dinner. Some of you are excellent at just tossing together components and making a delicious food, but others do better with the confidence and assistance of a recipe. Eventually, you’ll get better at meal preparation without a recipe, but until then, use dishes and recipes to take the pressure off of deciding what to prepare last second. Here are 5 kitchen tips to make your cooking easier.

Heat stainless-steel kitchenware properly to keep meals from sticking

Place the pan over medium to high temperature for one to three minutes; the pot or pan will be prepared when you add a drop of water to the pan and it instantly forms a bead of water that comes around the pan. (If water fall sizzles, wait another 20 to 30 seconds; if it starts to throw, let the pan cool off for a bit before trying again.) Add oil at the same time, slanting the pan to cover the outer lining and allowing the oil to warm up for about 60 seconds. At this factor, the stainless-steel area will be ideal for lightly browning ingredients without sticking — even sensitive foods like egg and fish. The success of this process is based on a medical reaction called the Leiden snow effect, which leads to heating the outer lining to a factor where items included with the pan are “suspended” or divided from the outer lining by fumes released upon contact between the ingredients and a properly warmed pan.

Freeze Fluids in Useful Portions

Expert says freezing wine in ice cube trays and stores them in the fridge, prepared to be brought out individually and added to pan sauces and soups, saving you from having to open a whole bottle whenever a recipe calls for some wine. In the same way, if you are making yourself a large batch of stock, lock up it in convenient serving sizes in the freezer—ice cube trays and half-pint deli containers are ideal for this—then transfer them to a plastic fridge bag to be brought out and used whenever you need fresh stock.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Having sharp knives is not only more secure (your knife is less likely to slide off a veggie and into your finger), but it just makes meals preparation so much more enjoyable when you can fly through your cutting, dicing, and chopping tasks. For most home chefs, sharpening should be done once or twice a year. If you’re up for the task, you can get yourself some rocks and do it yourself, though most folks will opt to take their knives to a professional. Whatever you do, don’t use those terrible electric grinding machines which will remove far more steel than what is necessary, wearing your blade down and reducing its useful life expectancy.

Self-cleaning appliances

Reluctance to prepare often arises from the time consuming clean-up involved. In addition, it’s difficult to get preferred results caused by a cooker that is covered with impossible-to-remove splashes, leaks and spots.

Shake Garlic cloves For Easy Peeling

Thump the bulb with a pot to split up the cloves, put them into a steel dish and put another one on top. Give the cloves a strenuous tremble and they should come out completely peeled.

Of course it’s simpler to just get meals from a drive-through, especially when you feel pummeled from a long day at your workplace and the thought of meal preparation is the last thing on your mind. But meal preparation doesn’t have to take lots of your time or effort, and it’s much better for you – not to discuss it is more enjoyable – than fast food.

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